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hindsight 2023


The past few years have been kind of a rough run for me, so it’s not that hard to put 2023 as the best year I’ve had in recent memory. If I had to give it an overall theme, I’d call it my year of “getting established”.

This getting established happened on a few different fronts. Coming out of getting top surgery in December of 2022, the first months of the year were tough. I had to relearn how to live without raising my arms above 90 degrees for a few months. After that I spent a lot of time rehabililtating myself physically and getting established into my new chest. I’m happy to report that I’ve made a full recovery and then some, and honestly most of the time forget that my body wasn’t always like this to begin with.

Also physically, I spent a lot of time this year establishing myself as a “real” runner. The first few months after surgery I couldn’t do much, but over the months I built up into a more consistent routine, with my longest run of the year being 20 miles. Before this year, my longest ever run was 10 miles, so I’m happy with the progress I made. I also completed 9 races around NYC to successfully qualify for the NYC marathon in 2024, my favorite of which was the LGBTQ pride themed one. My best performance was in the Grete’s Gallop 10k, where I ran a 47:32 and placed in the top 30 men for my age group!

My first full year of working, I spent a lot of time this year learning new skills and practicing them day in and day out. Compared to my college lifestyle, I had to make a radical lifestyle change. Waking up at 5am was tough to start, but I honestly enjoy it now, and have maybe even become a morning person. Being so new at my job, I didn’t expect a lot of responsibility. I very was wrong to assume this. After only a few months, I was tasked to supervise the entire trading book at my job alone for a few days for the first time in June, which was honestly pretty scary! Luckily it went well, and now I’m supervising the risk for a majority of the time during our work hours.

In April, I decided I was very unhappy with my existing apartment, given its view of a brick wall out the window, and the fact my landlord took weeks to respond to emails. After an extensive and stressful search, I moved a few blocks south to my new place. It’s very small, and not especially modern, but I love it so much. I love the view, where I can see people lining up for Levain bakery on weekends, I love the worn staircase and antique fixturess in the bathroom, and I love the inexplicably fancy mural in the lobby. I spent a lot of time designing the layout and setup to be perfect, and me and this place are like a symbiotic well-oiled machine now. Basically, no plans to move anytime soon!

To round it out, I'd say my biggest failure of the year was being kind of a bad friend. With so much to focus on, I became pretty selfish and spent 99.9% of my time on me. It worked out decently, but I really need to do better in terms of socializing next year. If I took days to respond to your text this year, please know it wasn't personal and I will try to be better about it going forwards.

Now to quickly list my favorite things of the year


Food Travel Books Music Games Manga Aaand that’s a wrap everyone! See you in 2024!