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favorite vs good


Over the weekend I ended up re-watching a few dozen episodes of the Naruto anime. To this day, it's my favorite series of all time. But also, objectively speaking, I know it isn't good. It's already hard enough to admit to being an anime/manga fan, but this is on another level [1].

To be specific, I think I have spent more time watching Naruto than every other show I've seen combined. Part of this is that I don't really watch TV, but mostly just the fact that I really like the Naruto anime. If I had an extra monitor I would play the series constantly like Casey Neistat plays The Godfather on loop in his studio. You can't possibly achieve this level of time and energy spent simply via hate-watching or post-post-irony-watching [2]. You have to truly be some kind of sick and twisted individual to earnestly watch all 700+ episodes of a show like this.

One of the recurring gags in the story is Kakashi's singular obsession with a series of trashy and explicit romance novels. I'm not sure if Kishimoto was clever enough to write this intentionally but it feels like somewhat of an meta-joke by now whenever I talk about liking this series. It's really shameful for us so-called respectable adults to be engaing in this kind of childish media--and yet!
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The only conclusion I can reach after everything is that I am lacking in that elusive quality called "good taste". My taste is cringe! I love things that are bad! To stand up and say, No, I am not going to watch this show or movie that you think is so good--because it probably is good. And you I know I don't really personally enjoy that kind of thing.

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