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race 1


Yesterday's race went surprisingly well. Just a few steps from where I live, the 4 mile loop in central park was tame, paved, and mostly flat. There was really only one drawback: pouring rain[1].

Despite that, there was a wonderful energy at the race since it was themed around LGBTQ+ pride. The race director remarked on how "as a community, we know how to turn rain into rainbows" and I found that to be true. I was there, with 10,000 of my closest friends, and we were determined to have fun anyways.

So on this very wet morning, I embarked at a moderate pace. I had not really decided beforehand what my strategy for this race would be--which showed in my result I guess. Each mile was faster than the last, as I really got into the swing of things.

My splits were

mile pace
1 8:46
2 8:08
3 7:49
4 7:26

Which is honestly not too shabby, especially that last mile. I definitely could have run faster the whole time (strava said it was "consistent with my usual [slow] efforts 💀"), but no regrets necessary, since it was so much fun and now I know a lot more about what I'm capable of right now.

Also, I have another race today, in just a few minutes actually, so my today self is glad my yesterday self left a little bit of gas in the tank!

[1]This week has had the most insane and consistent humidity I've ever encountered. I feel like a cucumber at the grocery store, getting misted every 5 minutes so I'm constantly glistening with dewdrops.