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goodbye, spotify


I was getting really sick of spotify's pseudo random shuffle. I was also getting sick of the fact that despite I had all of my songs downloaded for offline listening, the app would freak out when I put it on airplane mode. Now, they are trying to use "AI" to make my playlists "better"? Yeah. It's over.

It was time to activate the nuclear option.

Lucky for me, projects like spotdl exist. With just a few commands I had my songs, in *better* quality than spotify ever gave me, all on my computer. From there it was just a quick sync to my phone. And that was it.

I have to confess that I haven't used iTunes since ... probably middle school. Before I had an iDevice (my first was an iPod touch, rip), I had a crappy but reliable mp3 player that held various songs I had downloaded from tumblr--you used to be able to right click on an audio post to get the mp3 file directly! It's a bit nostalgic to be getting into all of this again.

Sure, Spotify has added a metric shitload of features since I first started using the app, but honestly, I never cared for the new features. I wanted my music app to, well, play music. Not show me ads for Joe Rogan. Not to "shuffle" in a markedly non-random way to suit my "taste" or "mood", and definitely not to add songs to my playlists without asking me. Ironically, these "features" resemble more something that would come from a computer virus back in the day.

Anyways, the cost of their subscription is really a nominal fee to me, but even that was too much to pay for an app that was actively getting worse and worse. So I had to stop. Rant over. And if anyone has advice for managing a local music library please let me know :p