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there is no cloud


My dad, a network engineer, has this sticker on his desk that is baically this:

no cloud
They call it the cloud because your files can just blow away and dissipate into thin air
It's become somewhat of an inside joke in our family. However, I'd take it one step further, and say that consumer products for "cloud storage" are not just someone else's computer, they are someone else's computer with a really bad interface and very little control over what happens to your files.

Today, I attempted to fully get rid of iCloud, once and for all. I am really sick and fed up with the "your iCloud storage is full" notifications on every device I own every day. My photos had already been backed up, and files from my phone and ipad had as well. Stupidly (I guess), the desktop folder of my macbook had not been backed up. And somehow, through when I turned off iCloud drive... my Desktop and Documents folders got entirely deleted from my computer.

Let me repeat: My Desktop and Documents folders got entirely deleted from my computer.

To be honest, I'm not even sure why they made this possible. It's by far one of the stupidest features I have ever heard of. Who would want to delete the local desktop files off of their computer!!!!

The worst part is that the desktop files didn't even get stored in iCloud, and nor were they in my trash can.

Where are my files!!!!!

Where my desktop used to be, was now an empty "iCloud Drive" desktop folder, the icon a slightly different color to mock me. It was like a witch had come by in the night and taken my beloved files and dropped off an empty shell of a changeling in exchange.

In all honesty, I am being a little overdramatic about this all. There was nothing so truly important on my desktop that was not backed up elsewhere. But still. This shouldn't be a thing that's happening to me

Apple support was of course, wholly unhelpful. Luckily, though, after an inordinate amount of digging, I was able to find an "archived" version of my beloved desktop directory. It was in my home directory, hidden 8 layers deep in a folder called "iCloud Drive Archive". Everything is fine now and I'm taking the time to back up everything externally in 2 other places now, even though they are mostly just memes and pdfs ;).

And now, as long as I live, I will never ever use iCloud because I am convinced this software is pure evil. You DELETED MY DESKTOP. Pure evil. I hate "the cloud". This is PURE STUPIDITY. Gtfo and I better not ever see a stupid iCloud notification EVER AGAIN.