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This isn't the first blog post I have ever written, but it's the first on this iteration of my website so I guess that's close enough. I have been "off" most social medias for about 3 years now (though I lurk on a few) but I do kinda miss being able to post as myself. Sentimental value of old posts I guess.

Lately I've been up to a few things. I traveled home to watch my brother graduate from high school. I rented a new apartment that I really like. In free time I have been running a lot, around 8 miles a pop for the longer ones, to train for a marathon next year. And of course, the ultimate goal is to train for an ultra but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

In terms of skills I wanted to challenge myself to keep learning computery things so I don't revert to 0 knowledge like a lot of people after they graduate college (understandable though). I have been reading a few books on OpenBSD, practicing my vim skills (like writing this post right now!), and getting better at kdb+/q at work. It's slow going but I have the rest of my life now because there are no more exams!! Ever!! So learning is fun and not stressful now.

The concept of the "old internet" is trending a it right now, people around my age (mid 20s ish) are getting a bit nostalgic about how things used to be. Typical. On the other hand though, while the "old internet" was objectively worse in a lot of ways, it was better in the most important way. It belonged to the users. The ability to fully customize html/css on social media is all but gone (stay strong tumblr we need you!), privacy is a joke, posts can get deleted forever with no notice, bans are arbitrary and can't be appealed. Anyways I was inspired by maia and her cool website/blog to make this one. To be honest I need to spice things up around here design wise but I wanted to prioritize content first. So here we are. I really need to figure out how to post images. Lol. Bye.